Housemaid Visa

Employing a domestic helper for home chores is the most convenient thing for any family in UAE, most especially if both husband and wife are working. However, the process of sponsoring a maid involves many formalities and time consuming procedures which certainly make you look for a professional assistance of PRO services for guidance throughout the process.

We strive to serve you in this hectic course of action. Leveraging our network with ministries & government departments and providing long-standing experience, we have helped numerous families in cutting down the investment and precious time by offering quick maid visa services in Dubai. Our team members constantly keep in touch with the respective authorities and agents to find out even minor changes in the legal procedures which could bother our clients. If sponsor is searching for some extra help around the house or with the kids, then here are the steps you need to know to sponsor a maid or a nanny.

Important criteria to be able to sponsor housemaid in UAE:

  • Sponsor’s Salary should not be less than Dh25,000 (If both husband and wife is working, the salary can be totaled, not less than Dh25,000)
  • Male Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid.
  • The housemaid and the Sponsor/spouse should not be related
  • Sponsor must have own flat/apartment/villa or renting a flat/apartment/villa with rental agreement under his name WITH MINIMUM 3-5 BEDROOMS
  • For Dubai Residents, EJARI certificate with DEWA bill
  • For other Emirates, Tenancy contract agreement with Electricity bill

Required Documents:

  • Passport copy of housemaid (COLOR) or Original if you have
  • Photograph (1) white background
  • Sponsor’s passport + visa copy + original Emirates ID
  • Sponsor’s Bank account IBAN No., Email, Mobile No. and PO box
  • Sponsor’s spouse passport + visa copy
  • Sponsor’s Marriage Certificate (must be Attested from UAE embassy and UAE MOFA) with Arabic Legal translation
  • Ejari certificate (for Dubai Residents) or Tenancy contract (other Emirates)
  • Electricity bill
  • Sponsor’s Salary certificate in Arabic from DMCC portal or Valid Labour Contract (for LLC Employees) [salary of sponsor/husband&wife (total) must be above AED 25,000.00]
  • Bank statement 3 months
  • Salary details of housemaid
  • On tourist visa/cancelled visa & cancellation paper- required during change status if the maid is inside the country
  • If the Nationality of the Sponsor and Housemaid is the same, No Blood Relation Affidavit from their own Consulate is required